2020 will be the time for Halls Head Primary School students to shine bright, with a new Performing Arts extension program, that started in 2019, a first for the Peel Region.

The program offers selected students real performance experience, staging full-scale dramatic productions that are rehearsed as part of the normal school timetable.

“It has been a long term goal of ours to lead the way for Performing Arts education in Mandurah” HHPS Performing Arts Specialist and SHINE founder, Sian Dhu, said;

“SHINE is a significant step towards achieving this: It gives our Arts program a real point of difference, providing genuine performance experience to our talented student community – without financial or time burden to parents.”

Entry is by audition only, with limited spots. However, the program not about grooming divas destined for the spotlight.

SHINE Stage Arts also equips it’s students with important skills in backstage responsibilities, encouraging performers to take management, creative and organisational roles in order to produce their plays as independently as possible.

Their motto: Together We Shine Brighter.

“Engagement in quality Performing Arts education has proven positive flow-on effects on a child’s social and academic success. It also builds essential life skills” Miss Dhu said.

The SHINE cast looks forward to sharing the joy of performance with their community, with plans to extend invitations to local Primary Schools to watch their performances at no cost.