Our Eco Garden

The Eco Garden aims to provide opportunities for our students to have “hands on” learning experiences in environmental and sustainable studies.

Our Eco Garden has been developed over the last few years with assistance from our whole school community. The area was originally the site of a temporary Pre Primary and Kindy however when the demountables were removed students and teachers were very keen to establish the area specifically for Environmental Education studies.

We are now fortunate enough to have included in the Eco Garden, permanent composting bays, a covered planting area, nursery, wormeries, vegetable gardens, outdoor seating area, an entry arbor, frog pond and wetland garden.

The Eco Garden is utilised by individual classes and through mixed age group rotational activities throughout the year. All students have lunch time access to the garden on Wednesdays which aims to compliment our whole school pastoral care programme.

The continued development of the Eco Garden is a long term project reflecting the needs of the school and current environmental issues.

We would love to welcome any interested parents or guardians to the Eco Garden.

“You’ll always find a friend in the Eco Garden”.