Halls Head Primary School Uniform Price List

Purchasing your child’s uniform

Visit Hot Klobba to view your child’s school uniform options.

Hot Klobba

104 Park Rd, Mandurah WA 6210
P: 08 9535 1900
E: mandurah@hippocketworkwear.com.au

Uniform Shop

The P&C have a selection of pre loved uniforms available for sale. Please contact the Uniform Coordinator Erin Johnson on 0488 092 220 for an appointment.

If you have any uniforms that your children have grown out of or no longer wear the P&C would be very grateful for donations.

Please note that the uniform email address is:  hallsheadpc.uniforms@gmail.com

Dress Code

Halls Head Primary School Dress Code Policy

All children are required to wear the school uniform, as per the School Dress Code which is ratified by the School Board. This is a condition of enrolment at Halls Head Primary School. The wearing of appropriate dress serves several functions including assisting in keeping children safe. The School Dress Code sets out the expectations of the school and the community and parents are asked to support these expectations. Children wearing dress judged to be inappropriate for school will be advised of the situation and parents contacted.

Acceptable footwear must be worn, i.e. closed in shoes or a well covered sandal. Thongs or masseurs are not considered acceptable. Jewellery and body decorations are not appropriate at school.