Nude Food

28th March 2019

Students at Halls Head Primary recently celebrated Nude Food Day by getting involved in activities designed to promote eating fresh food and eliminate waste.  This year’s theme was “Go For 5 and Get Your Greens.”

Students learnt about the importance of eating five serves of vegetables daily and were encouraged to include at least one serve of greens.

As part of the school’s Digital Technologies program, students across many year levels have been learning about the origins of a range of foods and the processes involved in farming and manufacturing to take them from paddock to plate.

In partnership with parents, students took home a Lunchbox Challenge and were asked to list all foods brought to school on Nude Food Day.  They then counted their serves of vegetables, highlighting greens and calculated the number of additional serves they required to reach the recommended daily total of five.  Students also rated their food containers and coverings as either single use or reusable, with the goal being to achieve zero waste for the day.

Teachers assisted students to count up the total number of wrappers for each class and displayed their results on a whole school visual learning board.  Happy faced Earths were placed on the board in the green zone for classes with five or less wrappers.  Sad faced Earth’s were placed on the board in either the orange zone or the red zone for amounts between five and twenty and over twenty respectively.

All classes achieved significant reductions in the amount of wrappers brought to school compared to previous weeks and there were no classes in the red zone.  Several classes scored less than five in the green zone.  Three classes received an apple slinky reward for their exceptional efforts in wiping out lunchbox waste and all students achieving the Nude Food goal by bringing only natural food in reusable containers were given green tokens for entry into the prize draw to win fresh vegetables donated by Farmer Jacks.

At recess, students enjoyed tasting platters of kale chips and cucumber and feta cups, as well as being able to select from a wide variety of fresh vegetable snacks laid out on a grazing table near the canteen.

A lunchtime picnic was planned to be held in the school Enviro Centre, however, due to inclement weather, this was redirected to the Undercover Area where students were able to enjoy their deliciously healthy, Nude Foods. While everyone was happily eating, class recipients of the Lunchbox Challenge were awarded vegetable prizes. Further prizes were given out for class winners of a Nude Food Day colouring in competition and many students from all year levels provided entertainment with their best and worst vegetable jokes for Nude Food Day Open Mic.

Some students had fun creating green vegetable print wrapping paper and all students were able to come to school dressed in their favourite green clothes.

Halls Head Primary School has supported the Nude Food Day initiative over several years, following a variety of themes, including Eat the Rainbow and Enviro Ninjas War on Waste.