Nature Play

28th March 2019

A new addition to Halls Head Primary Schools playground resources can be found in the Pre Primary area, Mahogany Drive entrance. The school has invested funds to provide some natural play structures for the Pre Primary children to access and use. This will encourage nature play by including play based learning as part of the Education Departments  “Success For All Students” focus for 2019.

A growing body of research suggests that:

Children’s disconnection with nature may be associated with an epidemic of childhood obesity, childhood diabetes, behaviour disorders, depression and a diminished sense of place & community.

Heightened health problems, higher stress, higher aggression, reduced cognitive and creative capacities, lower school achievement, blighted sense of efficacy and diminished productivity are among the possible associated negative impacts.

Children’s cognitive flexibility and creativity are enhanced if they have the experience in
childhood to problem-solve in natural settings.

There are mental health benefits to be gained from nature play, ranging from higher self-esteem to reduced characteristics’ of attention-deficit disorder, more self-discipline, higher school achievement, a greater sense of efficacy and less stress.

Children benefit from appropriate risk-taking during outdoor play, by helping them refine their motor skills and gain confidence in being physically active.

School gardens positively affect children’s learning and behaviour, and that students involved in gardening develop a better school attitude, student bonding and teamwork.

When your next at the school don’t forget to take a look at our new play areas.