Go Girls in Science

Congratulations to our 30 incredible Science girls. We have had an amazing time in our Science Lab after school on Mondays.


Spidery pathways, flashing lights, Squishy Circuits and Scribble Bots were our first challenges. The Lab looked like an enormous spider web as our “Go Girls” persevered to follow the woolen paths to find their way through the webs. Electrical circuits follow pathways too, and our “Go Girls” had great fun creating circuits to power light bulbs and buzzers.

Conductors or insulators? Who would think playdough could be used as a conductor for electricity? Our “Go Girls” would.

We had a terrific time lighting up hamburgers, snails, frogs and cupcakes with LED’s and “Squishy Circuits”. Our Super Scientists love a challenge and some of the teams were even able to build a robot that draws circles. Our girls are amazing.


Building rockets and launchers that can propel the smallest marsh mellow to big tennis balls was great fun and very challenging.

Our “Go Girls” started off investigating simple balloon poppers, but, with the help of the team and some clever thinking, quickly zoomed off creating a huge range of rockets from cardboard, popsticks and rubberbands. Some of the team even made Mega launchers that shot tennis balls the length of the verandah.

There’s nothing like Chemistry

Our “Go Girls” mixed, moulded and manipulated materials this Monday. Our first task was to change the texture and composition of sand. Quite a challenge, but our “Magic Kinetic Sand” was amazing. We investigated with heat to create remoldable  plastics from“Coolmorphs” and then changed the temperature and covered the room with fake snow. ( And I really mean “covered” the room…..Thanks very much to our cleaner, Terry! J)

We always knew Weetbix made you strong but our challenge was to find the iron in the cereal. Our “Go Girls” were Wonder Women as they worked together to grind down the cereal and then use magnets to locate the iron within. Sensational.

Our “Go Girls” have had some terrific hands on Science experiences.  They have teamed up to tackle heaps of tricky challenges, worked together to problem solve, shared their findings and have had loads of fun on the way.

Thanks girls. You are amazing.   “ Go Girls!”

I can’t wait to do it all again.

Mrs Staples