Farmyard on Wheels Incursion

12th September 2019

During a recent incursion, Halls Head Primary School’s Kindergarten students were treated to an exciting educational presentation by Farmyard on Wheels.

Farmer Mick brought the countryside along to Halls Head and gave the children an opportunity to meet the farm animals. The children sat and listened to an informative talk about the farm animals and learned about each of the animal’s role on the farm. He brought along an alpaca, a miniature horse, baby goats, chicks and various other farm animals.

The Kindergarten were very excited when they were given the opportunity to pet the animals, cuddle the chicks and bottle feed the baby goats.

During Term 3, the children have been learning about farm animals and their young in class, so they had many questions for Farmer Mick.

A fantastic experience for thriving young minds.