28th March 2019

This week, Mrs Jones our Kindy Education Assistant, shared her extensive knowledge of Bees with the year four classes.  Mrs Jones is a “weekend apiarist”, who cares for bees and collects honey from their hives.
She shared loads of really interesting facts about bees and showed us lots of photos of her bee hives. She wore her special bee suit, which protects her from stings and displayed samples of lots of different wax products made from bees.

Did you know?

The three types of bees in a hive are:

The Queen – lays about 1500 eggs each day.  She lives for several years.

The Drones –  The male bees –  reproduce with the queen,  guard and monitor the temperature in the hive. They live for about eight weeks.

The Workers –  The female bees –  care for and feed the brood, forage for pollen, make honey and clean the hive. They live for only six weeks.

Worker Bees do a “Waggle“ dance to tell each other how far away a good source of pollen is.

There are 1700 different species of bee in Australia.

When it’s time for a new queen the worker bees feed one of the larvae a special substance called “Royal Jelly” for three days. The developing larvae will hatch out as a Queen bee.

Drone  bees keep the temperature of the hive at about 34 degrees by fanning their wings.

At the end of the talk, Mrs Jones let us all taste the honey. MMMmmm!

It was Beeeeee utiful