P & C Association

The P&C continues to provide a forum for parents and contributes significantly to the educational program of all students at Halls Head Primary School.  The P&C raises funds to support various programs within the school including supporting School Plan initiatives, class incentives for students, various student activities and resourcing to areas of the school such as the Early Childhood area and Technology.  The P&C are to be congratulated for their continued leadership in strengthening relationships between parents and the school and supporting initiatives for the benefit of all students.

2019 P&C Committee

President: Louise Clark

Vice President: Kiera Mulholland

Treasurer: Laticia Jennis

Secretary: Aaron Dewar

Fundraising Coordinator: Vacant

Uniform Coordinator: Erin Johnson

Banking Coordinator: Sue Lynch

Principal/Executive Member: Peter Beckingham

P & C Minutes and reports

5 April 2019 Treasurers Report

PC April 2019 Principal Report

PC Minutes 5 April 2019