School Board Awards

Celebrating Excellence – The Criteria

Nomination Form

Nominations (by end of Term three)

Made by staff, parents and members of the School Board

Given to Chair of Board and circulated to School Board members

Nominations to include nominator email address/other contact, nominees reason for nomination and relevant selection criteria

Confirmation of nomination to go to nominator

Letter of recognition to all nominees.

Shortlist (Term four)

Maximum of 5 nominations to be shortlisted

Decision made by committee of three or more out of the following: Principal, Deputy

Principals, Registrar, SB Chair, SB members

Principal, Deputy Principals, Registrar to produce a maximum 1 page point form summary for each shortlisted nominees addressing selection criteria

Shortlisted nominees informed

Shortlisted nominees to receive a certificate from the School Board

Selection (Term 4 week)

By School Board

No more than 3 School Board staff awards per calendar year

Acknowledgement (Term 4) 

School Board Chair and/or Principal/Deputy Principals to write a framed letter of commendation

$1500 Monetary award to be used for professional development within 2 years that has been approved by the School Finance Committee and Administration.

Presentation (Term 4) 

Presented by School Board Chair with entire staff meeting accompanied by Principal/Deputy Principals and Reported in local media, newsletter, website etc.

Eligibility Criteria

A current member of HHPS staff who did not receive a School Board award in the previous two calendar years

Selection Criteria (satisfy 2 or more of the following)

  • Showed consistent leadership amongst peers over a period of time
  • Applied consistent effort over a period of time
  • Shown consistent student focus over a period of time